Why BeeGreen Bags?

BeeGreen missions are providing stylish quality handy reusable bags at affordable price and offering excellent customer service.
  • The first priority we focus on is that these bags must be truely reusable which means functional, durable, easy to use and take care of. Only in this way can they be really useful to our customer's life and not become land fill, causing pollution to the environment.
  • The second point is stylish appearance which can make customers feel good in mood when using BeeGreen bags so they are more likely to use them often. That's why we provide lots of classic color& printing pattern options for each hot selling bag model. And we constantly introduce new original printing designs according to different seasons and holidays.
  • The third point is fair price. We just offer bags that the general public can easily afford. It does not mean we do not pursue quality. When designing a particular product we fully consider customers' primary needs in terms of material selection, size, structure, sewing, packing.,etc while get rid of the details that are useless to most people and increase unnecessary costs. We are also sure you can find the best cost effective reusable bags from here because we are factory-Sedex audited factory and Disney audited factory.
  • The last yet very important point we care is after-sale service. We care about if you are satisfied with your whole purchasing process and product using. As previously mentioned although we consider most people's primary needs during designing a product we are not sure if it fits each particular person's specific needs. Besides, no matter how strict our production management is we still cannot guarantee every product is as perfect as it should be when arriving on each customer's hand. There are always fish that leak out of the net. And we don't want innocent consumers to pay for it. So if you are not happy with the commodities received or find any flaws during using, please feel free to contact us.( clients@beegreenbags.com ) BeeGreen will definitely give you a refund or replacement and will feel really sorry about the extra time you spent. All BeeGreen bags have1-year warranty.
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