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BeeGreen Foldable Crossbody Bag with Zipper for Travel Shopping 1 Pack

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This bag can completely free your arms and protect your belongings thanks to the top zipper closure, folds into a tiny zipper pouch when it is not in use, super easy to wipe clean and dry fast, and always stay in new condition even after heavy use. A must have bag for everyday trip and overseas.
  1. Height: (at the shortest section of bag): 37cm(14.6in)
  2. Width: 42cm(16.5in)
  3. Depth: 6cm(2.4inch)- this is really only the stitching; since the bag is so pliable it will take wahtever shape you need. So this bag is about medium-large for carrying items-if you have larger or more items(or if you are packing for more people), there are some bigger bags. But this is great when you are not trying to carry something massive. 
  • MATERIAL: The bag is 100% polyester but not normal polyester which is often found on reusable grocery bags. This functional polyester fabric is called imitation memory polyester which is often used on windbreakers. This fabric quickly recovers to its original shape not matter how it is folded, stretched or washed so it always stay in fine smooth outlook, comparing with other flimsy crispy polyester fabric which is so easy to wrinkle. And it is even a bit more thick and stronger than the ripstop polyester fabric for BeeGreen basic reusable grocery bags. This bag is designed to be top grade for travel. It is light but strong, withstanding daily wear and tear, simply to wipe clean or rinse out in the sink and always keeping wrinkleless outlook.
  • ZIPPER: The main section of this sling bag has a zipper keeping contents private and secure.  And the zipper zips from both sides, so if you have something sticking out(such as a small yoga mat, tennis racket.,etc), you can still zip the bag up to where the items stick out to make sure other items do not fall out. 
  • CROSSBODY: This bag has a single but wide strap which will not cut into your shoulder. And The strap is long enough for the bag to be worn across the body, fitting anyone from 160cm to 180cm in height. You can also easily shorten the strap by tieing a knot on the top so you can carry the bag on one shoulder or even in your hand.
  • INTERIOR: The inside of the bag is very roomy, and has an additional little slash pocket on the side for small items-phones, keys. This small pocket will even fit a passport- The pocket is 15cm*12.5cm
  • POUCH: The flap pouch is not attached to the bag, but has a wrist strap with a carabineer to attach it to a loop inside the bag. The strap and carabineer also allows easy clipping onto a purse or backpack so you can easily put it out of your bag when you need it. Regarding the folding each bag comes with a little pamphlet on how to fold it flat back up to the storage pouch or you can also just stuff it into the storage pouch and call it good.
  • COLOR&DESIGNS: Currently these sling bags are available in 2 color&design options- flamingo and cherry, both somewhat floral/tropical, ideal for vacation. BeeGreen will roll out more new color&design options later, including some dark solid colors.
    • 1 YEAR NO-RIP GUARANTEE: We care about if you are satisfied with your whole purchasing process and using experience. As previously mentioned although we consider most people's primary needs during designing a new product we are not sure if it fits each particular person's specific needs. Besides, no matter how strict our production management is we still cannot guarantee every product is as perfect as it should be when arriving on each customer's hand. There are always fish that leak out of the net. And we don't want innocent consumers to pay for it. So if you are not happy with the commodities received or find any flaws during using, please feel free to contact us.( ) BeeGreen will definitely give you a refund or replacement and will feel really sorry about the extra time you spent. All BeeGreen bags have1-year warranty.