Travel Bags

Nowadays more and more people require their traval bags to be lightweight, foldable, durable, water resistant & proof, easy to be washed, drying fast.  We think water resistance & proof is the number one factor to be considered for designing all of these bags since you are not sure how the weather is outer there. Besides everyone may have some wet terms to carry during a trip-such as toiletries, water bottles, wet&dirty shoes or clothes. That's why all of BeeGreen Travel bags are water resistant&proof.
For gym drawstring backpacks and foldable travel bags we choose quality polyester or nylon fabric with special water resistant coating. And for some special use bags such as stadium bags we choose totally waterproof vinyl material.

Durability is a must for all travel bags. It doesn't mean we should always use thick, heavy duty material.  With the help of special sewing structure, some light materials can also do the job well and at the same time reduce burden during travel. In addition to meeting the functional requirements, these bags are designed to be as handy as possible to make your life easier.

All BeeGreen bags are fairly priced due to the factory direct supply.