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BeeGreen Super Easy to Fold Grocery Bags 4 Tropical Patterns

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These bags are the only ones you can just stuff into the integrated pouch, no need for complicated folding steps. But you need to turn the pouch inside out to store the bag. Especially designed for people who don't want to bother to follow complicate folding steps but want their bags stay in compact size when they are not in use.

    1. Height: (bag body): 42cm(16.5in)
    2. Width: 48cm(18.9in)
    3. Depth: 0
    4. Pouch: 5.1inch tall and 4.7inch wide
  • MATERIAL: These BeeGreen basic reusable grocery bags are made of 100% polyester RIP-STOP cloth which is much better in strength than ordinary polyester fabric found in many other reusable grocery bags. This functional polyester fabric is Super Light Weight but VERY Sturdy and Resistant to Rips and Water, Machine Washable and Dry Quickly, Ideal fabric for foldable reusable grocery bags.
  • OPEN LARGE & STRONG: They hold TONS of stuff. Each bag has 20L capacity and replaces 2-3 tipical plastic grocery bags. And they are also VERY durable. Each can hold up to 40 pounds of things with no issues. You can easily load the bags up with bottles, potatoes, milk jugs, etc and never worry about them ripping.
  • FOLD SMALL & LIGHT: These bags are lightweight and easy to fold up. The attached pouches mean you will never lose them. And these string pouches are really small(5.1in*4.7in) you can easily toss a few into a pocket or a clutch purse or put a bunch in the glove box of the car without them taking up too much space. So if you happen to have a spur of the moment shopping, you can pull out a bag to use. You can also tuck a few things such as cash, keychains into the the drawstring style pouch for a quick trip to the store and they won't fall out.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Being washable is a must for any reusable shopping bags. All BeeGreen reusable shopping bags are Washable! Just note it's better to Handwash these bags and Hang them to Dry than to thrown them into washing machine. Simply wipe clean or rinse out in the sink when they get dirty. By reusing BeeGreen shopping bags we can keep plastic out of landfills & oceans!
  • SMARTLY CONSTRUCTURED HANDLES & BOTTOM: These bags have double fabric layered handles rather than the single fabric layered handles on many other similar shape reusable bags. This increases the strengh of handles but doesn't require extra fabric usage cause the inner layer uses the nearby fabric which will otherwise turn into waste. Besides each bag is made of 1 whole piece of fabric and there is no joining seams on the bottom. Plus the sturdy Rip-Stop Fabric, it's no wonder that such a simple light bag can easily hold heavy loads for daily use.
  • CUTE&UNIQUE PRINT PATEERNS: All printing patterns on BeeGreen bags are our original designs. We hope these fashionable little things can bring you good mood so you are more likely to use them often, thus reduce one-time-use plastic bags.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY: BeeGreen provides you with the 1-year warranty. If you find any problem with these bags, please do not hesitate to contact us. BeeGreen will definitely give you a refund or replacement because your satisfaction is our biggest goal!