BeeGreen Foldable Shoulder Tote with Zipper for Travel Shopping 1 Pack


            You don't need a heavy giant carry-it-all tote if you have this lightweight foldable zipper tote.       

    1. Height: (at the shortest section of bag): 42cm(16.5in)
    2. Width: 50cm(19.5in)
    So this bag is about medium-large for carrying items-if you have larger or more items(or if you are packing for more people), there are some bigger bags. But this is great when you are not trying to carry something massive. 
    • Material: The bag is 100% polyester but not normal polyester which is often found on reusable grocery bags. This functional polyester fabric is called imitation memory polyester which is often used on windbreakers. This fabric quickly recovers to its original shape not matter how it is folded, stretched or washed so it always stay in fine smooth outlook, comparing with other flimsy crispy polyester fabric which is so easy to wrinkle. And it is even a bit more thick and stronger than the ripstop polyester fabric for BeeGreen basic reusable grocery bags. This bag is designed to be top grade for day trips. It is light but strong, withstanding daily wear and tear, simply to wipe clean or rinse out in the sink and looks new after heavy use.
    • ZIPPER: This shoulder bag has a zipper on the top, making It stand out from most of the other reusable grocery bags.  And the zipper zips from both sides, making it easier for you to get things into and out of the bag during the trip.  The storage pouch also comes with zipper.
    • COMFORTABLE: The wide straps are comfortable for hand holding or over the shoulder even when the bag is full. (Attention: few customers comment that the straps may slip off the shoulder and not long enough for big arms. You may try our Foldable Crossbody Bag with Zipper)
    • INTERIOR: The inside of the bag is very roomy, and has an additional little slash pocket on the side for small items-phones, keys. This small pocket will even fit a passport- The pocket is 16cm*13.5cm.
    • POUCH: The zippered storage pouch is not attached to the bag, but has a wrist strap with a carabineer to attach it to a loop inside the bag. The strap and carabineer also allows easy clipping onto a purse or backpack so you can easily put it out of your bag when you need it. Although the folding is super easy, each bag comes with a little pamphlet on how to fold it flat back up to the pouch or you can also just stuff it into the pouch and call it good.
    • TIMELESS ART: This attractive bag has delicate digital printing on both sides and has same but smaller picture printing on 2 sides of the pouch. These beautiful world famous painting printed bags are useful little things, perfect gifts for anyone and won't cost you an arm and a leg.
    • 1 YEAR NO-RIP GUARANTEE: We care about if you are satisfied with your whole purchasing process and using experience. As previously mentioned although we consider most people's primary needs during designing a new product we are not sure if it fits each particular person's specific needs. Besides, no matter how strict our production management is we still cannot guarantee every product is as perfect as it should be when arriving on each customer's hand. There are always fish that leak out of the net. And we don't want innocent consumers to pay for it. So if you are not happy with the commodities received or find any flaws during using, please feel free to contact us.( ) BeeGreen will definitely give you a refund or replacement and will feel really sorry about the extra time you spent. All BeeGreen bags have1-year warranty.